The Checkup: This Is What a Flying Bike Looks Like

Someone made a hovercraft-like bike that actually flies.

• A flying bike took off in Prague last week. Like, for real, for real.(No, the photo with this post is not the real thing. You’ll have to click through for them.) [Wired]

• You know those nights when the only thing you have on hand for dinner is a lame-o chicken breast? Banish them forever by keeping these 17 healthy condiments and sauces—and this roundup of 15 healthy chicken marinades—on hand for exactly those situations. [Greatist]

• Oh, so chef Marc Vetri is a doctor (of sorts) now. [Foobooz]

• Do you compost? This writer thinks everyone should compost—and he thinks the city should fund the initiative. [The Philly Post]

• This is too bad for all the 29-year-olds out there, but 27-year-olds should listen up: Guinness World Records just dubbed a 28-year-old the youngest person ever to run 100 marathons. The honor goes to Nadia Ruiz, who just completed her hundredth 26.2 at the San Francisco Marathon last weekend. So to all the 27-year-olds: Consider yourself motivated to beat her record. [Runner’s World]

Photo: Shutterstock