The Checkup: 10 Low-Cal Beers That Actually Taste Good

Plus: calorie counts for Sierra Nevada, Guinness, Abita Purple Haze and more.

• If you’re jonesing for a beer but trying to be calorie conscious, the obvious choice is a light beer. But if you’re anything like me, the standard go-tos—Miller Lite, Coors Light—just don’t cut it. Here, 10 beers (including Yuengling, woo!) that save some cals and taste good to boot. [Greatist]

• File this under “motivation”: why you should become a morning-workout person. (Do as I say, children, not as I do.) [MindBodyGreen]

• Whoa: Boston Children’s Hospital is *thisclose* to curing Type 1 diabetes. [Boston Magazine]

• In the market for new running shoes? Running experts pick the 10 best sneakers of the year (so far). [Runner’s World]

• What do kiwis, mangoes, and small plastic cups have in common? This recipe for homemade fresh-fruit popsicles. Yum! [Organic Authority]

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