The Checkup: 29 Yummy Vegan Ice Cream Recipes

With options like coconut-fig and salted-caramel-pretzel, even non-vegans can get on board with these ice cream recipes.

• Okay, so Philly didn’t exactly make the list of the most vegan-friendly cities—which is all the more reason to make your own vegan ice cream at home, am I right? Here, 29 delicious DIY options. [Buzzfeed]

• Target is now offering organic grocery options. How convenient! [USA Today]

• So I guess smoking alcohol like a cigarette is a thing? Who knew? In no surprise to anyone, it’s not very good for you. [Greatist]

• Oh, neat: Now there’s a Kickstarter-like site to raise cash for medical-research studies. The goal is to get funding for studies on conditions that actually affect you. [Prevention]

• In other social media news, doctors now have their own Instagram. A new app, called Figure 1, lets doctors share medical photos—obscuring patients’ faces, of course—as a means of information sharing about surgical techniques, undiagnosed conditions, puzzling symptoms and more. [Mashable]