Shaquille O’Neal Launches New Oversize Soda Line

Because you totally need 23.5 ounces of soda, er, right?

Shaquille O’Neal, who’s pretty much known anymore for just being big, announced over Twitter last week that he’s partnered up with AriZona Beverage Co. on a new line of cream sodas. The so-called Soda Shaq line, which comes in vanilla, blueberry, strawberry and orange flavors, is said to use all-natural ingredients and contain 90 calories per serving. Not bad, right? Well … Problem is, I can’t find anything that tells me how many servings are in one of the 23.5-ounce (!!) cans. I’m guessing multiple. For reference, the soda packaging looks like the classic Arizona Iced Tea cans, only with Shaq’s mug.

Here’s my favorite part of the press release:

Consumers will easily be able to identify their favorite Soda Shaq on shelves by the four vibrant colors used to match the delicious flavor inside. Representing the many moods of the basketball giant in true Shaq-a-licious form, the design is big and bold, just like Shaq. With a total of eight Shaq expressions being featured, ranging from professional to playful, a true fan will want to collect them all.

The sodas go for 99 cents each. Anyone see them on a store shelf yet?