The Checkup: New Coke Can Splits into Two for Insta Portion Control

The "Coca-Cola Sharing Can" could help lots of people drink less soda.

• I guess this is one way to encourage portion control: a new Coke can that literally splits into two. The can, which is the brainchild of an ad company and may or may not ever actually come to a vending machine near you, is meant to make the soda-drinking experience more “social” (whatever the heck that means). But I think, if anything, it could help people drink less of the sugary stuff—and that’s a good thing. Click through to see a video of how it works. [Mashable]

• If you’re like, well, pretty everyone who works in an office, you probably sit for far too long every day. Do yourself a favor: Every 20 minutes or half hour today, get up and shake your body out for 20 seconds. If you’re feeling really ambitious, try these seven office-ready stretches. You’ll wake up your mind, get the blood flowing in your body and turbocharge your productivity—guaranteed. [Men’s Health]

• Hungry? Drool with me over these 14 low-fat, low-sugar granola recipes. Photos included. [Health]

• How’s this for an all-natural Nicorette alternative: exercise. A new study found a sweat session can curb nicotine cravings. [Runner’s World]

• If you’ve been curious about all those brain-fitness games and websites that have been cropping up lately (see: Lumosity, et al.), the LA Times breaks ’em down. [Los Angeles Times]