The Checkup: And Veggie That’s Missing from Your Diet Is … Potatoes?

It's true—a new study says you might need more spuds.

• While you shouldn’t start housing piles of French fries just yet, a new study found that potatoes are nutritionally important and that many of us aren’t getting nearly enough of ’em. Among other things, they pack good doses of magnesium and fiber. Win! [Women’s Health]

• Add this to your list of good pre-workout snacks: chicken noodle soup. Turns out—ironically enough—the salty snack actually counteracts dehydration. [Men’s Health]

• Did you know vinegar can help sunburn? And that yogurt can make your skin look amazing? Check out these awesome new uses for everyday food. [Health]

• Sorry, Jared Fogle—looks like Subway food isn’t much healthier than McDonald’s after all. [Washingtonian]

• OoOOooOo, WANT: four reimagined (read: super cool!) workout basics, like water bottles and headphones. [Los Angeles Times]

Photo: Shutterstock