The Checkup: 25 Salads That Will Actually Fill You Up


• If you typically steer clear of salads—or relegate them to the appetizer course—because you think you can’t make a whole meal out of them, think again. Here are 25 fill-you-up salad ideas. [Prevention]

Need some inspiration? Read about Alana Hadley who runs 110 miles a week and has PR’d at 1:16:41 for a half marathon. Oh yeah, and she’s 16 years old. [New York Times]

• Ick. You may never order a whiskey sour again after you see how maraschino cherries are made. [Buzzfeed]

• Meet the newest face-transplant patient: a Polish man named Grzegorz, who received a face transplant just three weeks after a workplace accident left him critically injured. Click over for photos. [Associated Press]

• I repeat: Lay off the sodas, people. A new study found that adults who drink at least one sugar-sweetened drink a day are at a slightly higher risk for kidney stones than those who don’t. [Reuters Health]

Photo: Shutterstock