Yoga Your Way: Local Classes for Every Kind of Yogi

Vinyasa, ashtanga, hatha, Bikram—yup, yoga is officially confusing. Here, we take out the guesswork.

From pretzel-like instructors to semi-weird chanting, yoga can be downright intimidating. And with roughly a gazillion classes out there, figuring out where to begin can seem as impossible as a headstand. “It’s safe to jump right into a yoga practice, but finding the right class and instructor will help you feel more comfortable,” says Dhyana Vitarelli, owner of the area’s five Dhyana Yoga studios, which offer a great beginner series for newbies.

The good news: All these choices mean there’s a yoga class for everybody. And with yoga’s science-backed benefits, including back pain relief, lower blood pressure and reduced stress, it’s worth finding a class that suits you. Here, five classes at local studios, to cover every fitness goal.

If you like to sweat (like, really sweat) …
Try: SPY at Aim High Studio in Collegeville ($12 a class)

This mash-up Spin-Power yoga class (get it? SPY?) will leave you sweat-soaked. You’ll spend 30 minutes on the bike, then hit the mat for hot yoga. Hello, bikini season.

If you just need a darn good stretch …
Try: Yoga Stretch and Restore at Philly Power Yoga in Center City ($15 a class)

Poses are held for three to five minutes each, making this class a perfect choice for athletes working out muscle kinks.

If you’re a dude …
Try: Men’s Yoga at Mama’s Wellness Joint in Midtown Village ($15 a class)

Don’t be scared off by the name of the studio, guys—this class is just for men. Instructor Daniel Cordua incorporates poses that focus on guys’ trouble areas: lack of flexibility, joint tightness, and poor alignment.

If your brain needs a break …
Try: Restoratives at Dig Yoga in Lambertville and Queen Village ($18 a class)

Here, it’s all about relaxation. Dim lights and peaceful music help you unwind as you move through poses—veeeery slowly—meant to open your body for a deep stretch.

If you just wanna have fun …
Try: TGIF Vinyasa at the Yoga Garden in Narberth and Washington Square West ($16 a class)

The perfect way to ring in the weekend: a Friday-evening session set to up-tempo music and choreographed with poses that lead up to a showstopper move, like a headstand.