Update: Victoria’s Secret Vetoes Breast-Cancer Survivor Bras

A new roadblock for a popular Change.org petition.

Since we’ve been following the Victoria’s Secret “survivor bras” saga for a few months now, we thought it fitting to let you know that … literally nothing is going to come of it. Wait, what?

The latest news is that Vicky’s won’t be making them after all. Womp woooomp. To jog your memory, 27-year-old Allana Maiden started a Change.org petition back in January to get support for her idea of a bra line specifically made for post-mastectomy bodies that’s both functional and beautiful. The petition was created in honor of her mom, Debbie, who had a mastectomy and wore a prosthetic, and found it difficult to find bras that fit correctly—much less look pretty. Allana aimed her efforts at Victoria’s Secret because she thought the idea was a good fit (pun intended) for the lingerie retailer; after all, they already had the pretty part down, so how hard could it be to peg the functionality?

Last we heard, Allana and Debbie had hand-delivered more than 180,000 signatures to Victoria’s Secret headquarters and met with a bigwig there about the possibility of the new bra line. Now we’re getting news that Victoria’s Secret won’t be moving forward with the idea after all. From a company statement:

“Through our research, we have learned that fitting and selling mastectomy bras in the right way…a way that is beneficial to women is complicated and truly a science. As a result, we believe that the best way for us to make an impact for our customers is to continue funding cancer research.”

Here’s Allana’s take on the latest development:

“My mom and I have always said how much we appreciate Victoria’s Secret research efforts. But cancer research doesn’t help survivors feel beautiful after the battle is over—mastectomy bras do.  This is a company that prides itself in innovation that helps women feel beautiful. I don’t think cancer survivors like my mom should be the exception to the rule. My mom and I had an amazing experience at Nordstrom—a store that’s already figured out the ‘science’ of helping breast cancer survivors. But with more than 1000 stores in 49 states, Victoria’s Secret is in a position to help empower so many more women to feel beautiful after their battles with cancer. I think that’s worth investing in, and Victoria’s Secret should, too.”

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