The Checkup: Are These 10 Exercise Machines a Total Waste of Time?

You might want to skip the adductor machine after reading this.

• Go ahead and scratch the following machines off your gym-rotation list: leg-curl, overhead shoulder press, ab crunch. A conditioning expert says they’re among 10 machines at the gym that are pretty much useless. [Yahoo! Shine]

• Ah, so this explains the whole Governator thing: Strong men—like, dudes who are actually physically strong—tend to have right-wing political views, according to a new study. [Daily Mail]

• Okay, so while physically revolting to me (I’ve never been a Doritos gal), Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos at least made some culinary sense. But the Bell’s newest creation, a waffle taco? That just seems like an utter misfire (not to mention, calorie bomb). [TIME]

• In case you’ve ever wondered, here are the crazy (read: scary) diets models put their bodies through for their jobs. [Huff Post Women]

• Useful! The 22 best cookbooks of 2013 (so far, I presume). [Greatist]

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