The Checkup: This In-Vitro Hamburger Costs $325,000

But on the bright side, it's edible (in theory), and maybe even a bit healthier.

• Yes, yes, the culinary prospect of meat grown in a test tube seems rather gross, but the proof-of-concept experiment happening in the Netherlands right now could show not only that cultured meat—made of muscle tissue grown in a lab—is not only possible, but more eco-friendly and maybe even healthier, too, since unlike traditional burgers, these don’t have any fat. [New York Times]

• Don’t be surprised if your doctor starts probing your drinking behavior. New guidelines U.S. Preventive Services Task Force encourage docs to fish for “risky” drinking behavior. Question is, will patients be honest about this sort of thing? [HealthDay]

• No need to get your Om on at the studio—here are tips for starting (and sustaining) a home yoga practice. [Mind Body Green]

• In the category of Things I Find Ironic, a new brain-wave-measuring headband purports to show you how well you’re focusing on a task in real time. But, like, if you look at the readout when you’re supposed to be focusing, isn’t that a tad, er, distracting? [Greatist]

• All hail black tea! New research shows it’s good for your blood pressure. [Prevention]