Be Well Boot Camp Preview: How Can I Boost My Sex Drive Naturally?

Get your sex questions answered by Dr. Reina Marino and other experts at Be Well Boot Camp.

Food and sex—they’re our two favorite things (am I right?), and Reina Marino, an MD and integrative-lifestyle-medicine expert, is bringing them together for a workshop at Be Well Boot Camp. It’s all about how to boost your sex drive naturally—through diet, exercise, et al. But since it’s sometimes a tad embarrassing to ask the nitty gritty questions about sex, we talked to Reina to get the ball rolling and find out how to avoid between-the-sheets awkwardness and boost your sex life naturally.

Check out the Q&A below, and get your tickets for Be Well Boot Camp to hear more from Reina and other experts! She’s part of our “Food and Sex” panel at noon.

What would you say is the food that kills “the mood” the fastest?

Anything that makes you feel bloated or gassy will definitely put the brakes on. Those foods can vary for each individual person, but in general, high fat, greasy foods like French fries and chips and dip can be real mood killers.

How do you help a patient feel at ease, if she’s embarrassed to ask a sex question?

She should know that I’m not embarrassed to hear any questions because the people that ask them are genuinely concerned about something and are seeking help. Sometimes I think the asker is embarrassed because, despite the fact that many things in our culture are often sexually explicit, some of us still don’t view sex as a natural, healthy part of life. They have to be reminded that it is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

What is one lifestyle change you would recommend to people wanting to enhance their sex life?

Get moving! Our bodies were built for exercise. With exercise, we increase our energy levels, circulation, endurance, muscle tone and self confidence—all important factors for enjoying a good sex life.

What is one common misconception about how the foods we eat affect sex?

Many people think certain foods (like oysters) are aphrodisiacs, but the truth is there is little scientific evidence to support this.

What advice do you have for people who are embarrassed to ask sex-related questions?

Remember that sex is a natural, healthy part of life. Doctors have heard almost everything over time, so chances are you are not going to shock us. We are here to help you.


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