The Checkup: Intense Photos Show Reopening of Boston’s Boylston Street

Boston returns to life as usual after last week's bombings.

• When Boston’s bustling Boylston Street reopened on Wednesday, eight days after the Boston Marathon bombings, many locals turned out to pay their respects to the three people who died and 264 who were injured in the blasts. A Reuters photographer was there documenting the scene, and she snapped photos of city residents coming to grips with the aftermath and returning to their normal lives. All of the photos are moving in their own right, and a few are downright intense. Runner’s World has a slideshow—check them out here.

How many sodas do you drink a day? If your answer is more than none, you could be in trouble. A new study found that as little as 12 ounces of full-sugar soda a day—that’s a single can, folks—is enough to increase your Type 2 diabetes risk by as much as 22 percent. More here.

• Um, did you see this mildly terrifying Gawker post showing the clone-like lineup of contestants in the 2013 Miss Korea Pageant? Lots of people are speculating that the similarities could be attributable to South Korea’s obsession with plastic surgery, which may be the reason why all these beauty queens look so eerily similar. Of course, it could also be the wonder of makeup or (gasp!) some good ol’ Photoshopping. What do you think?

Photo: Marcio Jose Bastos Silva /