The Checkup: Remember Your New Year’s Resolution? Here’s How to Get Back on Track

Don't get yourself down! Pick up where you left off with these great goal-achieving tips.

• Alright, guys. It’s been exactly 111 days since New Year’s. Dare I ask: How are those, er, resolutions going? Look, I’m totally not judging; Lord knows I’ve made my fair share of resolutions only to have them fall by the wayside come Tax Day. But let’s not get down on ourselves, okay? The Los Angeles Times posted a super useful story over the weekend on how to get back on track with our New Year’s goals. There are a lot of strategies you can choose from—from taking small steps to bribing yourself (really!)—but the point is that we should all take some time this week to recommit to those goals we set nearly four months ago. After all, there’s only T-minus 254 days until the next New Year’s Day.

Would you donate a kidney to a stranger? A new survey from the Mayo Clinic found that half (!!) of Americans say they would. That’s up 50 percent since 2001, when only 24 percent of people said they’d give an organ to a perfect stranger. More here.

• If you’re trying to lose weight, try eating your biggest meal of the day at lunch. A new study found that subjects who ate their biggest meal earlier on in the day shed more weight than later eaters. And yes, eating breakfast proved a good choice, too. has more.

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