The Checkup: 20 Awesome GIFs Show Why Working Out Is (Sometimes) the Worst

And maybe even a tad dangerous.

• We’ve all had those days when our workouts don’t go exactly as planned—days, even, when we think to ourselves, “Why do I put myself through this? Working out is the worst.” Lest you think you’re alone in these moments (you’re not—we’ve all had ’em), check out this post from Buzzfeed, which puts those bad workout days into crystal-clear perspective. For example, I’ve never actually flown off the back of a treadmill, thank you Jesus. Nor have I been folded in half by a Pilates reformer. Do yourself a favor and take two minutes out of your morning to check out these 20 awesomely hilarious GIFs of workouts gone horribly, horribly awry. You’re so very welcome.

• Someone I follow on Pinterest pinned this the other day, and even though it’s from last summer, I laughed so hard that I thought it was worth sharing. Here, what a women’s fitness magazine would look like if it told the truth. (Teaser: A cover line might read, “Birdsnest Hair: The Must-Have Look for All Runners!”)

To drink, or not to drink (just a little) during pregnancy? That is the question. The latest study says it’s okay for baby in moderation (I’m talking one or two drinks a week here, ladies), but some doctors still say no alcohol is your safest bet.