Be Honest: Would You Tell a Stranger Her Yoga Pants Are See-Through?

Sure, it's embarrassing. But wouldn't you want to know?

I’m no stranger to see-through yoga pants. Last summer, I wrote about how to safeguard yourself from them; more recently, my, er, coverage has pertained mainly to the Lululemon see-through pants brouhaha and its fallout. So yes, I consider myself a bit of a see-through-yoga-pants connoisseur, thankyouverymuch.

Which is why I wasn’t at all surprised when, twice in the past few days, two friends contacted me to tell me about all the yoga butts they’ve observed lately. One described, in detail, the tattoo she could see through the black pants. (It was of a butterfly in case you were wondering.)

When I asked both of these butt spies if they kindly told the Unsuspecting Wearers that their pants weren’t doing much in the, well, pants department, they both said the same thing: no. One elaborated, “I didn’t have the heart to tell her. How do you tell someone something like that unless it’s your very best friend forever?”

Good question. I put myself in the UWs shoes: How would I feel if a perfect stranger told me they could see my rear through my yoga pants? (Answer: horrified.) Would I begin mentally adding up all the times I’ve worn the pants without knowing my butt was visible? (Yes.) Would this embarrass me further? (Most definitely.) But once I got over the initial sting of humiliation, wouldn’t I be happy to have been made aware of this so I could immediately remove the offending pants from my wardrobe? (Yes, absolutely.)

It sounds great on paper, right? Girlkind looking out for girlkind, even if we are perfect strangers. But in practice, I’ll admit: I’ve never been so bold. When faced (literally) with a visible rear end, the sheer awkwardness of the situation has always won out, and I’ve kept my mouth shut. So I want to know: Have you ever told a stranger her pants are completely see-through? What did you say, and how did she take it? Even better: Has anyone ever told you your pants are see-through? Let’s share the awkwardness in the comments.

Photo: Shutterstock