The Checkup: Here’s What 2,000 Calories of Bagels, Bacon and Big Macs Looks Like (VIDEO)

This amazing video certainly puts calories into perspective.

• This video hardly needs an introduction, so I’ll keep it short. Last week, BuzzFeed posted an amazing video to demonstrate what 2,000 calories looks like when you quantify it in terms of different foods, from eggs to bacon to Cinnabons to Big Macs. Fascinating stuff. Watch below.

• On the list of foods you should probably avoid, there’s this: Pizza Hut’s new Cheesy Crust Pizza, which debuted for—and will only be around for the duration of—March Madness. With pepperoni, the pie, which has a crust comprised entirely of cheese-filled bread bowls, packs 390 calories and 20 grams of fat per slice. More at The Daily Meal.

• Woo! Eating fish regularly may lengthen your life. A new study out this week found that people with the highest blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids—exactly what you get from fish—lived 2.2 years longer on average than those with lower levels of omega-3s. NPR has more.