Philadelphia Marathon 2013 Registration Opens Today

Believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about the November 17th race.

Well, Internet, I wish I could tell you this was some kind of semi-cruel April Fools joke, but it’s not. Registration for the 2013 Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon officially opened this morning, which means you have to start thinking about what you’ll be doing around Thanksgiving this year, even though we just celebrated Easter. Time, I tell ya—it’s a fickle friend.

And just so we’re clear, in case you didn’t see our earlier post, the race this year is going to be on November 17th, not on the 24th as previously advertised. The reason, I learned from race spokesman Reginald Hall, is because the Convention Center, where the expo is held, was booked by the U.S. Green Building Council for a conference from November 15th through 23rd. All parties apparently realized that having the race on the 17th—and the expo in the two days prior—would result in the least disruption for both events. And so, the race date moved.

Unlike the Broad Street Run, the marathon doesn’t usually sell out in a matter of hours—in fact, it didn’t sell out last year until October—so you have some time to decide if you want to participate. However, if you sign up early, you’ll get a break on the entry fee. This year, the first 1,000 registrants for the half marathon will pay $60; the first thousand marathoners will pay $80. Then the half marathon jumps to $75 through April 15th, $85 through April 30th, $95 through May 31st, and tops out at $115 after June 1st and until the race reaches capacity. For the marathon, you’re looking at $95 through April 15th, $105 through April 30th, $115 through May 31st, and $135 after.

And don’t forget, Philadelphia Marathon weekend also includes the Rothman 8K on November 16th. Registration for that race starts at $30 and caps at $45 after several price increases in the coming weeks. Register for all three races here.