The Checkup: Amazing Marathon Photo Inspires the Internet

Check out this truly touching story of a stranger helping a stranger finish a grueling 26.2.

This, right here, is exactly why I love running. There’s this camaraderie, this bond, between runners that you can’t really describe unless you experience it yourself. For the uninitiated, I think this photo—of a runner at Saturday’s Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon in D.C. helping another runner (presumably, a stranger) cross the finish line—sums it up nicely. Runner’s World chatted with the person who snapped the photo. An excerpt:

“As I waited with camera in hand for that shot of my wife finishing her first race since [knee] surgery I saw something that brought me to tears … There’s probably a very good chance that these two will never meet or even know each other’s names. Whoever the mystery man in green is, you exemplify the spirit of a warrior. I salute you.”

Read the full interview here.

UPDATE: Runner’s World tracked down the guys in the photo and posted an interview with them this morning. Check it out here.

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Photo: Shutterstock