The Checkup: Olive Oil Keeps Hunger Pangs at Bay, Study Finds

Add a little olive oil to your diet if you want to feel sated.

• Boy, am I happy I eat olive oil every. single. day. for lunch. (Creature of habit and all that …) A new study out of Vienna found that olive oil makes you feel full. Researchers wanted to examine how natural oils regulate hunger and satiety, so they gathered a group of subjects and had them eat either lard (ew), butterfat, rapeseed oil and olive oil every day for three months. The oil was mixed with 500 grams of yogurt, which the subjects ate in conjunction with their regular diets. They found that olive oil had the biggest satiety effect, with the subjects in the olive oil group registering more of the satiety hormone, serotonin, in their blood. They also reported feeling fuller than other subjects. And the olive oil eaters were able to keep their calorie intake stable, while the controls ended up eating 176 extra calories each day, because they didn’t feel full enough. Neat, right? Read more here.

• Win one for coffee and green tea: A new study found that they may lower your stroke risk. More here.

• This headline says it all: “Is Your Medicine Vegan? Probably Not.” Le sigh.

Photo: Shutterstock