Introducing, Toilet Training’s Newest Trend: The iPotty

Yup, technology went there.

Okay, so maybe it’s because I’m running on less sleep and a little too much coffee, but “utterly entertained” doesn’t even begin to cover my reaction to CTA Digital’s newest creation: the iPotty.

This new approach to toilet training, which made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show, gives kids a little bit more incentive to stay put when, um, doing their business. The iPotty looks like a traditional toilet training bowl, with a removable bowl, seat and pee-guard. The difference? A detachable stand designed specifically to hold an iPad, which, ideally, will make the time spend sitting a little more tolerable for toddlers.

The iPotty, whose stand can be rotated vertically and horizontally and adjusted to three different positions, is marketed towards children of six months (um, have you ever met a potty-trained six-month-old?!) to three years. And for those of you worried about leaving your precious iPad in the path of your untrained toddler’s bodily functions, CTA Digital’s got you covered: they devised are movable screen guard meant to stand-up to the most destructive youngsters.

There are currently no specific apps designed for the iPotty, but one search of the Apple Store will show that there is not shortage of kid-friendly (even potty-training friendly) apps and TV shows available that will leave your little one entertained for hours while in the loo.

CTA Digital even included a seat cover, so that iPotty can be used as a seat for an iPad set up similar to the company’s iPad Activity Table, allowing for a complete dependency on technology to begin at an even younger age. (Womp womp.)

Starting in March, the iPotty will be available to purchase on Amazon for $40 and will be compatible with any third or fourth generation iPad, as well as the iPad 2.

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