The Checkup: New Running App Syncs Music with Your Pace

A new app called Cruise Control might just be your new favorite running buddy.

• Okay, okay, I know some of you are super anti-music-while-running. That’s totally fine, but you should probably stop reading right now and skip to the next item below. For the rest of us, I have some great news: a new running app just hit the marketplace that matches your music with your pace—meaning, you may have just found your favorite new running buddy. As Mashable reports, the app works in a number of ways: it can detect your pace and speed up songs to match it; you can tell it what pace you’d like to go and it will speed up your music accordingly; if you have a smartphone-compatible heart-rate monitor, you can select a target heart rate you’d like to hit and it’ll adjust your beats; or you can select a target stride and it’ll pump out music that matches. I like the second option, personally, because it turns your music into an insta-pacing buddy—super cool. The app costs $4.99 and is available in the iTunes store; it’s compatible with Apple products (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) with iOS 5.1 or later. (While you’re at it, check out my favorite commercial-free music-streaming app, Songza. Best part? It’s free!)

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