Help the Philadelphia Marathon Keep Trash Out of Landfills

The city is looking for volunteers to help sort trash and recyclables at next Sunday's Philadelphia Marathon.

If you’re not running the Philadelphia Marathon, volunteering to hand out water or medals, or planning to cheer from the sidelines, here’s another way to get involved: The city is recruiting a crew of volunteers to help separate trash, recyclables and compostable goods at stations throughout the race. The so-called “Waste Watchers” (cute name!) will also help educate race spectators and participants about what materials fall into what category. The goal is to achieve 75 percent waste diversion from landfills.

Volunteers are needed next Sunday, November 18th, to cover various shifts. Waste Watchers will get a free sweatshirt for their participation.

Get more info here, and sign up here (search for “Waste Watcher” in the listing titles). Some locations already have enough volunteers; below are the locations that still need them.

Start/Finish area: Benjamin Franklin Parkway and 22nd Street

Mile 11 (water stop #7): Disabled Rower’s Boathouse, MLK Drive and Black Road

Miles 13.5 and 25.4 (water stop #8): Kelly and Sedgely drives