How to Make Your Own Halloween Candy

Don't steal sweets from the stash you're handing out tonight. From Reese's to Kit Kats to Snickers and more, make your own Halloween candy at home.

The best thing about Halloween? Candy.

If you’re like me and can rarely turn down a Reese’s Cup or Almond Joy, you may be panic-stricken at the impending diet-doom of this 24-hour candy fest. To satisfy your sweet tooth (and put your mind at ease), try these recipes for better-for-you versions of popular Halloween candies made with ingredients you can actually pronounce.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
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Much better for you than preservative-laden Reese’s cups, these homemade treats capture all of the chocolatey, peanut-buttery goodness found in a Reese’s. Add Rice Krispies or crushed nuts for an extra crunch.

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This is an extremely healthy version of your traditional Snickers bar. Oats, honey … flaxseed? Absolutely no guilt here.

Kit Kat Bars

All you need are these three ingredients: graham crackers, peanut butter and almond-bark chocolate.

Almond Joy
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Good news: these are so fun to make and taste even better than the original, which happens to be my favorite candy. Bad news: it’s nearly impossible not to eat them all at once.

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No culinary finesse required here: Dip two graham crackers in sugar-free chocolate, “smoosh” together with caramel (and more chocolate) and … voila!

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Whisk extra coconut milk into your leftover PayDay mixture until the sauce is smooth and light in color for the perfect peanut-butter dessert sauce (perfect for apple-dipping)!

Three Musketeers
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These are made with only four ingredients and—bonus!—they’re 100 percent vegan to boot.

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Here are some of the things found in a store-bought Nestle Butterfinger: sugar, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, modified milk ingredients (what is that?), soya lecithin, artificial flavor, TBHQ, citric acid and color. In this version, you have dates, peanuts, peanut butter and nutmeg. Halloween should be scary, ingredients should not.

York Peppermint Patties
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A vegan twist on the minty fresh favorite. We promise you’ll still “get the sensation.”

Baby Ruth Bars
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You’ll have to eat these quick so they don’t lose their crunch (but I’m sure that won’t be a problem). Leave off the chocolate coating for an equally delicious naked version of a Baby Ruth.

Nestlé Crunch
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These take a total of five minutes to make. Which means in the same amount of time it takes to read through this post, you could be halfway done making your own delicious version of a Nestlé Crunch bar.

Lemon Candy Corn
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To make traditional vanilla-flavored candy corn, omit the lemon. Or experiment with another extract to create your own flavor.

Tell us: What are your favorite Halloween candies? Share in the comments!

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