Hurricane Sandy Workout: 10 Exercises You Can Do in Your Living Room

Feeling stir crazy already? Here's how to get your sweat on without leaving your house.

As comfortable as I am working from home in my bathrobe today (as long as the power holds, of course), I can already feel myself getting a tad stir crazy. Since I obviously won’t be running outdoors or hitting the Art Museum steps today, I called Main Line personal trainer Audrey McKenna Hasse (a.k.a brains behind our BeWOW workouts) for a workout I can do in my living room.

Here’s what she came up with—I’m calling it the Hurricane Sandy Workout. Happy at-home sweating, Be Wellers.

Do each of the following exercises, in order, for a minute each the first time through; try not to rest between exercises. Then start at the top and do each for 45 seconds the second time, and 30 seconds the third time through. Between each round, do two minutes of cardio (see ideas below).

1. Squat jumps

2. Push-ups

3. Sit-ups

4. Plank

5. Lunge

6. Side plank

7. Lateral lunge

8. Scissor jumps

9. Squats

10. Up-and-down plank

Cardio (two minutes): Run stairs if you have them; otherwise, do mountain climbers, jumping jacks (with light weights, if you have them), high knees or jog in place.

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