The Checkup: Nearly 40 Percent of Women Lie About Having Their Period to Avoid Sex, Exercise

Not that you ever would.

• Ladies, we’ve been outed. A new survey found that 38 percent of women have lied about being on their periods to get out of doing all sorts of things. The online survey, which fetched responses from 1,000 women, was commissioned by Panadol, an OTC pain reliever made by GlaxoSmithKline. Asked about their go-to excuses, women reported that lying about being on their periods was a favorite, with many women saying they’ve used it to get out of exercise and one in seven saying it’s gotten them out of having sex. What’s particularly interesting is that of those who’ve lied about being on their periods, none (!) reported feeling any guilt about telling the lie. Which, I suppose, is totally our prerogative, right? Mail Online has more.

• In case you missed it last week, Insanity workout creator Shaun Thompson (a.k.a Shaun T) has announced (s0rta) that he’s gay. Actually he came out in a super no-fanfare sort of way: on Twitter, with a retweet. More power to him, I say—Gawker has the whole story.

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