Where Do You Stash Keys When You Run?

Share your solutions, readers.

A friend asked me this very question recently and I didn’t really have a good answer. See, I specifically buy workout clothes that come with pockets (I’m so smart!), so figuring out what to do with my keys when I run isn’t something I deal with very often. But for her, it’s a daily conundrum. “Carrying them is annoying,” she complained. “And clipping them to the dog’s leash”—she runs with her pup—”can be clunky and loud.”


And so I put the question to you, Be Wellers. The Internet turned up some funny DIY solutions—tying them in with your shoelaces or on your shorts waist-band string (smart!), or stowing them behind the little door of your car’s gas tank (no so smart?)—so I’m wondering what you do with your keys when you go out for a jog. Any unique solutions?

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