The Checkup: Boy with Down Syndrome Lost in Woods, Saved by Puppies

An adorable, true story for your Friday.

• Okay, yes, the health link on this is tenuous at best, but still. Puppies, people. How could I not? The story goes like this: Little 10-year-old Kyle Camp, who has Down syndrome, got lost in the woods earlier this week. His parents reported him missing on Tuesday evening, but search parties that went out that night weren’t able to locate him. Fast forward to Wednesday morning: One of the volunteer searchers, out with his dog, heard his dog’s puppies barking off in the distance. He called for them and, lo and behold, a boy answered. So they followed the sound and eventually ended up finding Kyle near a creek ensconced in a cuddly nest of puppies. Money quote: “Officials said the boy was wet and had no shoes. They think the puppies kept him warm overnight.” So yes. A 10-year-old boy was saved by puppies. Get that? Saved. By puppies. My headlines don’t lie. Thank you, Internet, for this story.

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