Make: 160-Calorie Whole-Wheat Apple-Cinnamon Muffins

I have made two batches of these in two weeks. Obsessed? Yes. Yes, I am.



Thank God I have friends who spend as much time on the Internet as I do, without whom I may never have found this recipe on Smitten Kitchen for whole-wheat apple-cinnamon muffins. With 18 in a batch, they clock in at a measly 160 calories and 5 fat grams each—a steal considering a blueberry muffin at Dunkin’ Donuts will set you back 460 calories and 15 fat grams. Yikes.

Since my friend sent me the recipe two weeks ago, I’ve already made two batches. It helped that I was facing the extra pressure of finding ways to use up eight pounds of freshly picked apples, but still—these muffins are well worth it, oversize apple stash or not.

The recipe uses half whole-wheat flour and half white flour, which gives these muffins some heartiness. Plain, nonfat yogurt is a good swap for the buttermilk. And I’m betting if you could find a good butter substitute (any suggestions?) you might be able to cut down on some fat, too.

Either way, I think these muffins are worth writing home about—or, you know, writing a blog post about. Have one with breakfast or, as I’ve made my habit, as a mid-afternoon snack. You won’t be disappointed.

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