The Checkup: How Fruits and Veggies Make You Happy

A new study connects happiness and mental well-being with fruit and veggie consumption. And the magic number is ...

• Seven. Seven servings of fruits and veggies a day is what you should aim for if you want to be happy, according to a new study. Researchers in the U.K. examined the connection between eating habits and mental well-being, and found that those who eat seven portions of fruits and veggies a day are also the happiest. (For the purposes of the study, a portion was considered to be 80 grams.) The study didn’t distinguish between the kinds of fruits and veggies the more than 80,000 subjects consumed, nor did it determine why there’s a happiness-produce connection to begin with. But still. In a country where most adults and kids eat far fewer fruits and veggies than is recommended, this is certainly news we can use.

• Asthma, diabetes, tuberculosis—turns out there’s a lot doctors can learn about your health just by smelling your breath (ew). Researchers are working hard to develop new breath tests that could diagnose and monitor health issues quickly, easily and cheaply. Imagine: no more blood draws. The Wall Street Journal has more.

• Oh, my. That recall of Trader Joe’s peanut butter because of salmonella concerns? Yeah. It’s been expanded. To a lot of other brands. At a lot of other stores. Check out this article at the Los Angeles Times for details, then go home and check your pantry.