The Checkup: Talk Smack About Pink Slime, Get Sued

ABC News is facing a lawsuit over its less-than-kind reports on so-called "pink slime."

• Yikes. ABC News was slapped with a $1.2 billion (!) lawsuit yesterday over its reports from earlier this year about ground beef products dubbed “pink slime.” The plaintiff, a South Dakota meat-processing company called Beef Products, says the news outlet maliciously misled viewers into believing the product was “not safe, not healthy, and not even meat, and that the reports have cost it much of its business and hundreds of millions of dollars in profit,” according to a Reuters report. ABC is obviously vowing to contest the suit, saying it’s “without merit.” And lest you think only faceless corporations are subject to these sorts of things, a codefendant named in the suit is Gerald Zirnstein, the former Agriculture Department microbiologist credited with coining the term “pink slime.”

• McDonald’s restaurants across the country are adding calorie counts to their menus, so now people will know for a fact that their 12-ounce McFlurry with M&Ms has 650 calories and that their Big Mac has 550. Question is: Will it stop many people from actually ordering said items? I vote no. The Wall Street Journal has more.

• Count Jessica Simpson among the gaggles of celeb moms who have managed to drop a serious amount of weight after having babies. Her trick? Well, a Weight Watchers ad campaign, of course, but also looking at herself in the mirror naked. Yup, that’ll do it.