The Checkup: Eat Your (Micro)Greens

A study found that those cute little mini-greens are actually packed with vitamins.

• True story: Just last night I had a plate of microgreens dressed in a light vinaigrette at a Philly restaurant. Little did I know I was getting a good dose of good stuff in the process. A recent study found that those cute miniature greens—actually seedlings of plants like spinach, cabbage and lettuce that are less than 14 days old—pack higher levels of vitamins and cartenoids than their fully grown counterparts, according to NPR. In the study, researchers looked at four groups of vitamins and phytochemicals (chemical compounds found in plants) in 25 varieties of microgreens, and found that the baby plants contained four to six times the nutrients of more mature plants. Love this quote from lead study author Gene Lester: “Microgreens aren’t going to replace a big, leafy salad that has lots of fiber and will give you a good sense of satiety. But if you throw a big bunch of microgreens on anything, that’s a pretty good shot of vitamins.”

• If you’re jonesing for a meat-free Big Mac, you’ll have to travel to India, where two meat-free McDonald’s are slated to open next year. HuffPo has more.

• I’m digging this local story of a Mullica Hill man who’s running across the country to raise awareness about the importance of being an organ donor. He calculates he’ll run over 3,000 miles to reach his goal. More over on