BeWOW: The Be Well Workout of the Week

Welcome to BeWOW, our new weekly workout series! Check back every Monday for a new trainer-designed workout to help you reach your fitness goals.

Welcome to our first edition of  BeWOW, our Be Well workout of the week. (Get it?) Each week, local trainer Audrey McKenna Hasse will post a challenging circuit workout to help you meet your fitness goals. Aim to do the BeWOW at least one time a week as your cross-training workout. Depending on the exercises, you’ll hit everything from speed to strength to agility. But most important, by adding something new to your fitness routine, Audrey’s workouts will keep you from getting bored. So here’s to mixing it up a little. Happy BeWOWing!

It’s a brand new week, so here’s a great workout to get your week started! In this workout, you’re going to do 25 reps of everything, and repeat the circuit four times for a total of 100 reps of each exercise. In between each set, you’ll complete a sprint circuit, which will definitely challenge your ability to push past your comfort zone and work as hard as you can to complete the workout as quickly as possible. The harder you work, the faster you’re done, and the more you’ll get out of the workout. Good luck!

BeWOW: 25×4

What you’ll need:
• Mat
• Free weights
• Treadmill (or space to sprint outdoors)

Strength Circuit
• Squats with weight >> Need to modify? Do the squats unweighted.
• Pushups
• Hamstrings on physioball* (see below for explanation)
• Crunches
• Rows >> Tip: You can use bands instead of free weights for this exercise.

Sprint Circuit
• 30 second sprint, followed by 30 second recovery
• 1 minute sprint, followed by 1 minute recovery
• 1 min. 30 sec. sprint, followed by 1 min. 30 sec. recovery

Explanation of Exercises
*Hamstrings on physioball:  Lie on your back with feet on the ball. Press your heels into the ball to lift your hips off the ground; lower hips back to the ground, and repeat. To make it more challenging, before you lift your hips off the ground, pull the ball in towards your hips so your knees are at 90 degrees, and then lift and lower.

>> Did you complete this week’s BeWOW? Tell us how you did in the comments! Or,  feel free to tweet at us about it using the hashtag #BeWOW.


Audrey McKenna Hasse is the owner of A.M.Fit, a personal training and healthy consultation business on the Main Line. You’ll find her workouts every Monday right here on Be Well Philly.