The Checkup: Why Women Are Getting Cosmetic Procedures—on Their Feet

Botox, synthetic cushioning—women are opting for elective procedures just to wear their Jimmy Choos.

• First, there was “toe-besity.” Now we’re hearing reports of women getting cosmetic procedures on their feet just so they don’t have to give up their high-heel-wearing habits. ABC News tells the stories of two women who underwent elective procedures on their tootsies: one who had Botox injections to stop her feet from sweating so much (the sweat was ruining her shoes, apparently), and another who had a biodegradable filler shot into her heel to provide extra cushioning. The results of both procedures are temporary, and I’m betting both women will have them done again to maintain the results. Cue the money-quote:

The patient, Gumbs, said she realizes that the procedure may seem crazy to others, but it is worth it to her.

“Not when you love shoes,” she said of the other option, to not wear high heels.

For the record, I would choose flats. The end.

• Thank you, Mental Floss, for your article, “The Science of ‘Breaking the Seal,'” which is something I’ve always, always wondered about. (C’mon, you know you have, too.)

• The CDC is psyched on a new study which found that more people are taking walks than they used to. Now, 62 percent of people report taking at least one 10-minute walk per week, versus the 56 percent who used to. That’s good, but one walk per week? Baby steps, I suppose.