Celeb Pulse: Olympics Edition

Swimmer Michael Phelps, women's soccer star Hope Solo, tennis pro Venus Williams and more in this week's gossip mill.

Michael Phelps Gained 25 Pounds After Beijing Olympics. After his eight golds in ’08, Phelps was a straight up bum. He peaced out of practice commitments to go to Vegas. He got busted for smoking weed. He was called fat and told to go work out by a friend. Phelps didn’t listen, and snuck out of practice early. Finally the motivation came back when he realized he didn’t reach his full potential. (A 14-gold-medal career wasn’t enough?!). Something clicked—and just in time. At the U.S. trials, Phelps qualified to compete in seven events in London. [Details]

Soccer Goalie Hope Solo fails Drug Test. For good reason? That’s what NBC is saying. According to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, the U.S. Women’s Soccer team goalie (also known for posing nude in ESPN Magazine and competing on Dancing with the Stars) tested positive for the banned substance canrenone, a diuretic that can be used to enhance performance by “flushing the system.” Apparently it was an ingredient in Solo’s pre-menstrual meds prescribed by her doctor. A self-proclaimed believer in playing clean, Solo complied with the USADA, provided the info they needed, ended her PMS pill-poppin’.  She was not suspended for the incident and will be heading to the Olympics later this month. [People]

Venus Williams: “I’m a Raw Vegan.” Since she was diagnosed last year with Sjogren’s syndrome, with symptoms such as extreme fatigue, aching joints, and intestinal issues, Venus changed her diet to reduce inflammation and manage pain. The vegan lifestyle seems to be treating her well. Last weekend the Williams sisters won yet another Wimbledon title, this time in doubles. You’ll be seeing the duo in London competing for the Olympic doubles championship. [CBS News]

Rumored Olympics Performer Adele Could Have Baby in September. It was only two weeks ago that news broke of Adele’s pregnancy, but now sources close to the singer are saying that she’s due in just two months. Either this woman has the gestation period of a guinea pig (64 days) or she’s been keeping her secret for a pretty long time. Pre-prego announcement, the star was rumored to be performing at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics in Mid-August. With the low profile she’s been keeping these days, though, she’ll probably be watching at home on her couch. [MTV]