Celeb Pulse: Anne Hathaway Only Eats 500 Calories a Day

The Hollywood health and fitness gossip we're buzzing about this week

Anne Hathaway Needs to Eat More. Anne Hathaway is going to extremes to prepare for her role as Fantine, the dying, starving prostitute in Les Miserables, for the show’s film adaption. Word has it she’s dramatically cutting calories in order to lose sixteen pounds in three weeks (!!). This can’t be healthy. [US Weekly]

Miley Cyrus: The Incredible Shrinking Woman? Over the past few weeks, Miley Cyrus has been constantly photographed coming and going from the gym, and her super slim bod shows how hard she’s been working. But fans are beginning to worry that Miley has an eating disorder. What do you think? Is she too thin? Photographic evidence here. [Skinny VS Curvy]

Snooki Brags About “Skinny” Pregnancy. Jersey Shore’s Snooki says that even though she’s five months pregnant, her baby bump is barely visible—and she’s proud of it. She’s been watching her diet, eating “fruits, lots of jelly and Italian ices—nothing fattening at all.” She goes on to say that she would die if she ballooned to Jessica Simpson’s preggo size. I can see the claws coming out now. [Skinny VS Curvy]

Serena Williams Developin a Sleep Aid. Tennis star Serena Williams’ sleeping troubles inspired her to collaborate with scientists on a safe and all-natural sleeping aid called “Sleep Sheets.” The product sounds a lot like Listerine Strips, the paper-thin strip dissolves on the tongue, and natural extracts are released that help you fall and stay asleep. [FitPerez]

How Beyonce’s Getting Her Pre-Baby Body Back. Beyonce says that she lost the majority of her pregnancy weight by breast-feeding little Blue Ivy for ten weeks, but now she is on a strict protein-based diet to lose those final pounds. She also works out three times a week for 90 minutes, alternating between running, dancing and crunches. [Skinny VS Curvy]