Found: World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Scientists deem a British woman's face mathematically perfect.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all in our appearance-obsessed culture (see: feeding-tube diets, Heidi Montag’s face), here’s a new story to send your head spinning: 18-year-old Florence Colgate has been deemed the most beautiful woman in Britain (and, some are saying, the world) based on—wait for it—mathematical calculations.

Colgate was discovered when she entered a Lorraine Cosmetics contest, in which women were required to be photographed completely natural—no makeup or plastic surgery. Florence stood out among thousands of entries for being so gosh-darn flawless and, well, stunningly symmetrical. Check out a picture of her here.

Researchers calculated that Florence has an almost perfectly proportioned face, based on what’s called the Golden Ratio. (I’ll direct you to Wikipedia if you want to see the equation for yourself.) Artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci have used the ratio for centuries to create beautiful, aesthetically pleasing works.

The Daily Mail reports, “A woman’s face is said to be most attractive when the space between her pupils is just under half the width of her face from ear to ear. Florence scores a 44 percent ratio. Experts also believe the relative distance between eyes and mouth should be just over a third of the measurement from hairline to chin. Florence’s ratio is 32.8 percent.”

In addition to having perfect ratios (that bitch …), Florence’s face was also measured as near perfectly symmetrical, supposedly a strong indicator of fertility, health and good genes. Florence says her secret to looking so great is drinking lots of water, eating a good diet and keeping her skin very clean. (Also, honey? Your genes play a pretty darn big role.)

As far as her au naturale look goes, Florence says, “Women should not have to feel that they have to wear make-up. I hope people will look at me and think they don’t need to. I’m very happy with the way I look and I would never have any plastic surgery or Botox.”

Well, when you look like that, why would you?