The Checkup: Is Ice Cream as Addictive as Crack?

Sure looks like it. (You knew it!)

• Confirming everything you probably suspected: It’s possible to get absolutely, positively, indisputably hooked on ice cream. Actually, a new study goes even further, revealing that ice cream causes your brain to act like it’s on drugs, triggering pleasurable responses and causing it to become desensitized to that pleasure over time—meaning you have to feed the beast more and more to keep cravings at bay. Sound familiar? (See A&E’s Intervention.) The result, of course, is a growing (and growing, and growing) waistline. Cue the sad trombone—then read more here.

• A month after revealing her diabetes diagnosis, Paula Deen says she’s exercising and laying off sweet tea. But not the butter—never, ever the butter.

• NPR is reporting (courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control, of course) that nobody has the flu this year. Clearly, they haven’t talked to members of my family, who’ve been passing the 24-hour bug around for the past week. Watch out.