Zombies: Motivation to Move? A New App Might Have You Running for Your Life

Zombies, Run! might be just the thing to get gamers up and moving.

If zombies are what move you (literally), a new smartphone app might be just the motivation you need to get off the couch. Set to debut for iPhone and iPod Touch on February 27th,  Zombies, Run! fuses the couch-to-5K concept with the fantasy and drama of video games, getting users to run under the premise that they’re being chased by zombies. A soundtrack of other-worldly grunts and groans helps to make it feel real.

Here’s how it works: Users download the app (duh), strap on headphones and await audio instructions. The object is to keep humans alive and help the population grow in a post-zombie-apocolypse world. Runners are sent from point A to point B, collecting necessities along the way like batteries or medicine and keeping a step ahead of the zombies in pursuit. When you return from your run, you get to decide how to distribute the lifesaving items among the human population. Your choices help inform the course of the game going forward; the more your population base grows, the more missions you’ll be able to go on. All you need is a little imagination (and a good pair of running shoes, of course).

In addition to unfolding the zombie story, the app does the basics, too, tracking your distance, pace, time and calorie-burn for each mission. An integration with RunKeeper is planned down the line.

Pre-ordering has already begun for the iPhone/iPod Touch version. But Android zombie-lovers, rejoice: a version for your device is set to hit the marketplace in May.