What’s the ‘Theme Song of Your Life’?

Lululemon's hiring process includes a questionnaire with some out-of-the-box questions. How would you answer them?

Whenever I’ve applied for a new job, the process has always been the same: send in a cover letter, resume and a list of references, and, depending on the position, a writing sample or two. A friend of mine is in the process of applying for a job at Lululemon headquarters in Vancouver. In addition to the usual application components, she also has to complete a goals worksheet, outlining her one-, five -and 10-year goals, and turn in a get-to-know-you questionnaire.

Maybe I’m not particularly goal-oriented, but I have a hard time visualizing—much less, articulating—where I see myself in five or 10 years; one year is a stretch, for crying out loud. But it’s interesting that Lululemon should bring it up as part of its hiring practices. I think it says something about the company and kinds of people it aims to hire (I’m clearly not driven enough, for example).

Then there’s the questionnaire. It’s about as nontraditional as it gets in the HR world.  Since my friend sent it over, I’ve been puzzling through a few of the questions, trying to figure out what I’d say if I were in her shoes. Some examples:

• How would you spend an ideal day off with no financial limits?

• How have you elevated somebody from mediocrity to greatness?

• [And my personal favorite …] What is the theme song of your life?

Check out all 11 questions here. And even though you’re probably not planning on applying for a Lulu job, feel free to share your answers in the comments. Think of it as a fun Tuesday exercise.