The Checkup: New Rules for Dieting to Help Eliminate Plateaus

NIH thinks it has a new way to approach weight loss.

• Anyone who’s lost—or tried to lose—weight knows that plateaus are the absolute worst. They steal your momentum. They’re demoralizing. And more often than not, plateaus lead many dieters to pack pounds back on—and then some. A team of researchers at the National Institutes of Health have a new idea: throw out everything you think you know about dieting and adopt their model, which accounts for the fact that as you lose weight your metabolism slows, leading to a plateau. Under their rules, dieters are given two calorie goals, one for short-term weight loss and another for permanent weight loss; exercise habits and recommendations are also taken into account. The result, they say, are more realistic weight-loss goals that account for and can overcome plateaus. They’ve even created a simulator to help get dieters on the right path. More here.

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