The Checkup: Overeating May Hurt Your Brain

A new study links excessive calories with memory loss.

• Here’s a correlation I didn’t see coming: overeating and brain health. A study of adults ages 70 and up found that those who overeat—we’re talking between 2,100 and 6,000 calories a day (!!)—were twice as likely to show signs of memory loss, an early marker for Alzheimer’s disease, than those who ate more moderately, between 600 and 1,525 calories daily. The study results, which are considered preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal, are due to be presented at a conference in April. Read more here.

• Speaking of the brain, MRI scans might show clues for how we learn. Neat, no?

• When’s the last time your doctor questioned you about your exercise regimen? A government study found that just one in three of us have been advised about exercise habits by our doctors. This sort of reminds me of another recent study which found that doctors, especially overweight ones, are often reluctant to talk to patients about their weight issues. Dear doctors, a reminder: My health is your concern. Please advise (like, literally).