The Checkup: South Jersey’s Getting a Pot Farm

The medical marijuana industry is finally getting off the ground in Jersey.

• Two-and-a-half years after New Jersey approved the use of medical marijuana, the state is finally *thisclose* to having a bonafide pot farm and dispensary. After a string of fits and false starts, in which proposals were rejected by local municipalities for fear of drawing drug abusers, a marijuana farm and dispensary is set to open in Egg Harbor Township this fall. It’s one of a few such operations finally gaining traction in the state. Read more at

The Atlantic kind of pokes fun at this, but I don’t think yoga rooms at airports are such a bad idea. San Francisco International recently installed a yoga room, where travelers can find mats and lots of open space to stretch for a few minutes before boarding their plane. There are no instructors or TVs, just a place to do some free-form yoga. The Atlantic pegs it is part of some “insufferable yoga everywhere trend,” but I kind of think it’s a good idea. I mean, prior to being transformed into a yoga space, the room was used for storage, so it’s not like it was serving some critical, lifesaving purpose before. And if it can help weary, too-wound-up travelers relax a little (I’m thinking especially of business-types, who spend waaaaay too many hours confined in planes), why the heck not? With airlines taking away traveling perks right and left, I’ll take any little amenity I can get. Geez, Atlantic. Lighten up.

• The New York Times reported yesterday that mega-retailer Walmart will begin adding healthy food labels to its products this year. The labels, which are bright green and read “Great for You,” will first appear on its own Great Value brand foods as well as displays for fruits and veggies, but the labels could be added to name brand foods down the line. With the help of outside agencies and consultants, Walmart came up with the criteria to determine whether or not a food item is healthy, but the Times doesn’t get into exactly what that criteria is, beyond describing it as “strict.” The label will appear on about one-fifth of Walmart’s products.