The Cheat Sheet: Brunch at Kraftwork

You can have your omelet and eat it, too, at this popular Fishtown brunch spot.

Always a safe choice: eggs and whole-wheat toast

It’s so easy to overdo it at brunch. Think about it: It’s not the kind of meal you eat everyday, so when you do, your brain sits there and hollers, “Pancakes! French toast! Extra syrup! Splurge, splurge, splurge!”

Can I get an amen?

Here’s the good news: I studied the menu at Kraftwork in Fishtown and found a lot of really enticing items that’ll feel like a splurge—minus all that post-meal-calorie regret. If I were brunching at Kraftwork, here’s what I’d order.

Kraftwork Breakfast >> Keep it simple with toast and eggs. Since you have options here with the sides, go for a mixed green salad, multigrain wheat bread and turkey bacon. Skip the hash.

Huevos rancheros served with red beans, salsa verde, pico de gallo, queso fresco, and a corn tortilla, and a choice of potato hash or mixed green salad>> A more filling option, for sure, but keep the calories down by opting for only one egg and go light on the beans and cheese. Choose a side salad instead of hash.

Kraftwork omelet >> First tip: ask for egg whites (you won’t miss those yellows a bit). Then, either skip the cheese or ask them to go light, and load up on all the veggies they have to offer: spinach, tomato, wild mushrooms, caramelized onion, red peppers, broccoli.

Morning Honey, house-made granola with fresh fruit, Greek yogurt and raw honey >> Ask for the granola and honey on the side so you can control the portions.

Curried Tofu Scramble >> You can’t go wrong with tofu, peppers, onions, broccoli, and cilantro. Just get the salad instead of hash. (I feel like a broken record here.)

Wild mushroom baguette with seasonal mushrooms, sautéed greens, roasted red peppers and shaved parmesan >> If you’re in the mood for lunch rather than breakfast, this mushroom sandwich is a flavorful choice. Add chicken if you wish but skip the fries and opt for a salad.


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Restaurant menus are reviewed by Phillies dietitian and owner of Healthy Bites Katie Cavuto Boyle. In most cases, the individual restaurants were contacted for specific ingredient and recipe information. Note: Many restaurants have seasonal menus and some items may not be available.

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