The Cheat Sheet: Positano Coast

You asked, we cheated.

A reader asked for a Cheat Sheet on Positano Coast a few weeks back. Ask and ye shall receive, right?

Growing up in an Italian family, I know that the approaching holidays are plentiful with seafood dishes, especially Christmas Eve. So in the spirit of the season, this week’s picks are heavy on the seafood offerings.

Start your meal will a salad or grilled seafood option like these: grilled artichoke salad with red Belgian endive, arugula and shaved parmigiano; grilled octopus with charred artichokes, lemon zest, red onion and rosemary pesto; or grilled seppia with frisée, arugula, tomatoes, onions and white balsamic.

All of the pasta courses come in appetizer and entrée sizes. If you can’t fathom dining at an Italian restaurant without eating pasta, order a pasta dish for the table (an appetizer size for two to three people, or an entrée size for four or more) and share it as a second course. Here’s the best part: You can order any of the dishes, as you’ll only end up having a few bites. This is the perfect way to indulge without overdoing it.

If you had a starter and/or pasta, opt to share an entrée, or order your own and take some home. I’d recommend either of the following:

>> Cioppino: A seafood-stuffed pasta dish with baby shrimp, seppia, clams and mussels atop grape tomatoes, white wine, pancetta, and potato dumplings.

>> Ahi Tuna Toscana: Another seafood all-star with pan-seared tuna, zucchini, cannellini beans (good for fiber!), capers, and tomato vinaigrette.


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Restaurant menus are reviewed by Phillies dietitian and owner of Healthy Bites Katie Cavuto Boyle. In most cases, the individual restaurants were contacted for specific ingredient and recipe information. Note: Many restaurants have seasonal menus and some items may not be available.

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