That’s So Smart: Health Apps for Your Smartphone

These apps will help you get fitter, eat better and be healthier.

People, we’re in a health-technology boom. A new report from Juniper Research found that the number of mobile-health-app downloads in 2012 will reach 44 million. And if current trends continue, that number will jump to 142 million by 2016.

Want in on the trend now? From radiology imaging to tracking your glucose levels, here are some neat high-tech health apps that will improve your day-to-day.

OsiriX HD
$29.99 (iPhone)

With an app that displays radiology imaging, healthcare professionals can now access a brain MRI on their iPhone. Last year, OsiriX was shown in a study to accurately diagnose acute appendicitis, turning the technology into a doctor’s new best friend.

Tap & Track
$3.99 (iPhone)

By factoring in your lifestyle, you can calculate the number of calories you should be eating each day. And with personalized graphs and reports alongside nutritional information from over 500,000 food items, it won’t be hard to meet your weight-loss goals.

Glucose Buddy
FREE (iPhone)

The perfect data storage utility for those dealing with diabetes. The app makes it easy to track your blood sugar by entering glucose numbers, carbohydrate consumption, insulin dosages and physical activities.

Free (iPhone and Android)

Training for a marathon? RunKeeper follows your distance, speed and calories burned. Plus, you can share your progress on Facebook and Twitter to motivate your friends to pick up the pace.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
99 cents (iPhone)

Through monitoring your movement, this popular app analyzes your sleep patterns in order to wake you up during the lightest sleep phase. In the morning you’ll feeling rested, relaxed and maybe even ready to fight the bitter cold of early winter.

iBP Blood Pressure
99 cents (iPhone and Android)

With the help of easy-to-understand color icons, you can tell when your blood pressure values are normal, high or hypertension. And with the ability to view your values by weeks, months or years, you can mark your progress and keep your data in order.

Gazelle GPS Cardiovascular Workout Tracker
$2.99 (iPhone)

With a single large button, easily follow your progress during workouts or physical therapy and keep up with your goals for distance and time. What makes this app stand out? You can export your data from workouts into a spreadsheet and e-mail it directly to your doctor.

Free (iPhone)

It might take an app to help you finally put your bad habit to rest. Enter the number of cigarettes you consume each day, and you can keep up with how much money you are saving by cutting back. Plus, you can add in images that inspire you to put a stop to the smoking.

Nike Training Club
Free (iPhone)

If you’re sick and tired of running on the treadmill, you’ll love Nike Training Club’s custom-built workouts. Whether your focusing on weight-training, cardio or trying to target a specific muscle group, the detailed instruction and audio-guidance will get you motivated. You can even sync up your favorite tunes for a more enjoyable sweat session.

Free (iPhone and Android)

Next time you’re grocery shopping, test out this app to scan your favorite food items. You can compare products to find healthier alternatives, and you’ll get to see exactly how much excess sugar is found in those holiday cookies.

Tell us: What apps help you keep your health or fitness goals on track?