Make: Healthier Holiday Cookies

Eight healthier cookies so you can indulge with a little less guilt

Philly Mag’s December issue, which just hit newsstands, includes a holiday-cookie showdown between some of Philly’s top pastry chefs and bakers. If you’re not up for healthifying their recipes (I don’t blame you), may we suggest these eight lighter alternatives?

Lemon Meringue Cookies
via USA Today
Everything you love about the pie, minus the crust—and with only 35 calories each to boot.

Ginger Pecan Oatmeal Crisps
via Food Network
Whole-wheat flour and oatmeal are the all-stars here. The ginger gives a nice holiday kick.

Cranberry-Orange Pistachio Bar
via EatingWell magazine
As far as nuts go, pistachios are a great low-cal choice. The cranberries in this recipe lend a festive holiday hue and the oranges … well … am I the only one who still gets an orange in the bottom of her Christmas stocking?

Thumbprint Cookies
These cute little confections, which have a dollop of raspberry jam in the middle, keep it light with only a quarter cup of butter per batch. That makes for a 100-calorie cookie.

Sugar Cookie
via Fit Sugar
Yes, someone managed to make a lighter-on-the-sugar sugar cookie, with only 75 calories a piece.

Festivus Bars
via (Never Home)Maker
I mean, just the name—what’s not to love? Not convinced? Fine. The recipe calls for dark-chocolate almond spread, too.

Almond and Honey-Butter Cookies
via EatingWell magazine
This recipe’s granulated-sugar free; honey’s the sweetener in this batter.

Gingerbread Cookies
via Prevention
Because, really, what says holiday more than a gingerbread man? These guys are just 87 calories each.