The Checkup: New Proof that Warmups Prevent Injury

Yes, you really should spend those extra 15 minutes warming up cold muscles before a workout. Science says so.

• Researchers at Northwestern University conducted a study, which looked at the effect of injury-preventing warmup programs on female high school athletes. The team enlisted 90 coaches and over 1,100 athletes to complete the 15-minute program before each workout over an entire athletic season. You probably won’t be surprised at the results: Athletes who implemented the techniques saw fewer ankle and knee sprains, and they were less likely to have an ACL injury, too. Read more over on the Wall Street Journal.

• A new study funded by the National Institutes of Health found that kids with autism have more brain cells and heavier brains than kids who don’t have the disorder, shedding light on a possible prenatal link to autism. More here.

• Here’s one way to improve hospital care: bribery. Nothing works like cold-hard cash.