The Checkup: Is Your Hospital Safe?

A new website lets patients compare facilities based on safety measures

• Sometimes in an emergency, you just have to go to a hospital—any hospital. But in situations where you have the luxury of time to decide before you go, wouldn’t it be nice to make an informed decision? MSNBC reports on a new Medicare-run website that allows patients to compare hospitals based on patient-safety measures, like how often patients suffer avoidable complications or deaths after treatment. Useful, right? Get the details here.

• Here’s what I find surprising about this article: that the Girl Scouts have a research institute. Pardon me, Research Institute, capital R and I. And … that’s really all I have to say about this. Moving on.

• Researchers at UPenn found that autism occurs more frequently in low-birth-weight babies than the general population, reports, with the incidence rate increasing as an infant’s birth weight decreases.