The Checkup: Marathoner Takes Bus to Finish Line, Comes in Third

Think he got away with it?

• So much marathon news this week. This time, a runner in a UK marathon on Sunday got tired at the mile-20 mark and did what we runners always kinda sorta think about doing: He hopped aboard a bus to the finish line. But get this: After exiting the bus—which was full of race spectators, mind you—he entered back into the race and crossed the finish line to take third place. Spoiler alert: He didn’t get away with it.

• You have the Huffington Post to thank a story on which types of cancer come with the highest risk of personal bankruptcy. Breast cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma make the list, but go here to see which cancer claimed the top (coveted?) spot.

• I think it’s stories like this one that make country folk terrified of urban dwellers—particularly the weirdos in New York (I jest, of course (sort of)). tells of a Brooklyn woman who’s planning to give birth at an art museum for all to see. Yes, in public. She’s calling it performance art.